The 3rd East African University Debate Championship is to take place in Kampala from 1st to 9th Aug 2018


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DATES: 1st –9thAUGUST 2018




Host: Kyambogo University


The East African University Debate Championship is a regional platform that brings together University students within East Africa to participate in competitive debate as a tool for nurturing youthful voices and participation in the process of the East African Integration.

EAUDC is hinged on the necessity to leverage on the high demographic dividend of the youth in developing open societies within East Africa that harness the abilities of Public Speech and argumentation in building young people’s capacities to engage meaningfully with the integration process and consequently take advantage of the opportunities available within the auspices of the East African Community.

The 2018 edition of the championship shall be hosted in Kampala-Uganda at Kyambogo University from the 01st to the 09th of August 2018; and shall seek to achieve the objective of nurturing elite East African youth to become influential voices for a deeper East African integration as the EAC takes on the political federation.

Participants to the championship shall be drawn from the Students’ community of the East African Universities, institutions, organs and affiliated organizations to the East African Community as well as organizations and/or companies with vested interest in the East African Community.

The championship shall draw financial resources from such sources as registration fees of participants, sponsorships, grants, donations as well as contributions from the host University of the event.

The tournament shall employ the usage of formal and competitive British Parliamentary Debate format and Public Speaking Symposia to achieve the set objective. In addition to the major objectives of the debate, participants shall be involved in one Social Corporate responsibility act aimed at spreading the East African Identity to beneficiaries within the Ugandan society.


The East African University Debate Championship (EAUDC) is an annual event that brings together students from Universities across East Africa to engage in formal debate on matters of Social, Political and Economic relevance in the region as a way of fostering youth participation in the process of integration as well as building a Culture of Students’ engagements within the East African Community.

The population of the East African Community is estimated to be about 80% below the age of 35 years with the median age being 18 years thus creating a big opportunity for harnessing Social cooperation among the youthful age group through the utilization of a common market area present in the community.

Furthermore, the EAC adopted a common higher education area that would enable harmonization of curricula across the region’s Universities. These ingredients together form the foundation for the EAUDC that in its end, seeks to add to the efforts to foster a people centered integration agenda in the EAC that would imply a participation of the dominant population in the integration process and a utilization of the availability of achieved advantages of the EAC thus far.

The initiative was started in Rwanda under the auspices of the debate organization of Aspire Debate Rwanda with support from the East African Youth Ambassadors’ Platform (EAC-YAP) for the years of 2016 and 2017. After the second edition in 2017, the championship was henceforth brought under the leadership of the East African University Debate Council comprised of the debate organizations of Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania and the EAC-YAP.

Following the formulation of the East African University Debate Council, a bidding system was adopted for Universities in the region to each have an opportunity to host the championship under a rotational framework within the different East African Countries; an arrangement that saw Kyambogo University win the bid to host the 2018 edition.


EAUDC seeks to achieve the grand objective of nurturing elite East African youth to become influential voices for East African integration. This shall be achieved through the following four specific objectives;

  1. a) To instill a sense of ‘East Africanism’ among University students within the region.
  2. b) To develop the presence of open societies within East Africa that celebrate interactions among young elites.
  3. c) To trigger discourse within East African Universities on matters critical to the achievement of the East African ultimate integration goal, the political federation.
  4. d) To share best practices for youth involvement in National and Regional development initiatives, issues of Governance, Peace and Security


EAUDC 2018 shall employ the use of Debate Competition and Student Dialogue Symposia to enable the employment of research, critical thinking, argument construction and Public speaking skills in the achievement of ascribed objectives here above.

Debate Competition

The debates will be organized under the British Parliamentary system of formal debate, which is the official formal debating format for the universities in the world.

These shall pit four teams of two members each per debate session and have teams proceed from the preliminary rounds, octal-finals, quarter finals, semi-finals through to the finals of the debate competitions where one team will emerge as the winning team of the debate competition.

Student dialogue symposia

The student dialogue symposia shall take on the form of panel discussions, and presentations with a student audience on thematic are as relevant to the progress of the East African community and allow students have interactions with experts on such topics.


The championship shall utilize the media spaces in social media, print media and broadcast media to amplify the call for participants and continuously share proceedings during the championship.


The championship shall source its financial necessitates from the following;

  1. 1. Registration fees for participant students and institutional adjudicators.
  2. 2. Contributions from host University.
  3. 3. Grants and donations and sponsorship to the championships.

All tournament monies shall be collected through a central tournament account to one of the local banks in Uganda and tournament accountability shall be through the organizing committee accountability systems that shall be headed by the Dean of Students of the Kyambogo University.


EAUDC 2018 shall target a total participation of 300 youth from the five East African countries and draw participation from three categories;

  1. 1. Institutions, affiliate organization and organs of the East African community.
  2. 2. Organizations and cooperate companies with vested interests with the integration of the East African community.
  3. 3. University and student delegates to the East African University Debate Championship 2018

All participants shall be lodged within the accommodation facilities of Kyambogo University for the period of the championship.


Pursuant to the objectives of the EAUDC, the following outcomes are envisaged;

  1. a) The development of civic engagement and youth voices within the EAC that would facilitate the achievement of meaningful participation of youth in the attainment of the East African Ultimate Integration Goal, the EAC Political Federation.
  2. b) The appreciation of the extent to which competitive debate platforms incentivize the necessity to employ research and logical argumentation in the nurture of an active citizenry relevant to the development objects of the East African Community.


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